General Rental Terms and Conditions for:

Audio-Visual Rentals, Inc. (AVR)


All equipment is carefully checked before it leaves our facility. If you are picking up the equipment from AVR, please ensure that you know how to use it. If you require assistance, our trained staff can demonstrate how to set up and operate the equipment at our facility.


(A) Up to 24 hours prior to scheduled AVR delivery/customer pick-up time: no charge, except for non-refundable deposit amount.

(B) Within 24 hours of scheduled AVR delivery/ customer pick-up time: The greater of a one day rental fee or the non-refundable deposit amount.

(C) After the equipment has left our warehouse: Full contract amount. No credits or adjustments.

    (1) Cancellation must be received in writing during AVRís operating hours between 8:30am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday. Cancellations received after 5pm    or on a weekend or holiday will be marked received at 8:30am on the next business day. Cancellation charges shall apply accordingly.

    (2) The non-refundable deposit amount shall be 25% of the Rental Contract for order of $101.00 or more. The non-refundable deposit amount shall be 50% of the Rental Contract for orders of $100.99 or less.


Customers may send couriers or representative(s) to pick-up and/or return the equipment. The security of the equipment from the time it leaves or facility until the time it is returned will be the responsibility of the customer. The customer designates the courier or representative(s) as an authorized agent to sign for the pick-up and/or the return of equipment/accessories. The timely pick-up and return of the equipment is the responsibility of the customer. This document applies, in its entirety, to all customers who elect to use a courier or representative(s) to pick-up and/or return equipment to AVR.

(A) ITEMS MUST BE TRANSPORTED IN A COVERED VEHICLE. Customer shall be responsible for any/all damages resulting from improper transportation of equipment. AVR reserves the right to not release the equipment if the customer does not have an appropriate vehicle and applicable rental charges shall still apply.

(B) If help is needed for loading or unloading equipment to/from a vehicle, customer must call ahead to make arrangements.


(A)Equipment picked by the customer/courier: At the time of pick-up the customer may request a demonstration of equipment set up and operation. Operating the equipment on-site and interfacing with non-AVR provided equipment shall be the responsibility of the customer. Should the customer encounter technical problems during the meetings they should call AVR immediately. If the customer still has a problem, the equipment will be checked when it is returned to AVRís facility. If the equipment works, the full rental charge shall apply. If the customer requires weekend or after-hours telephone support, "on call" services must be contracted for in advance.

   (1) Use: By signing below the customer confirms the equipment shall be used indoors. Exception: If equipment is to be outdoors, customer shall sign off on special terms for outside use.

           (a) Customer shall be responsible for any damages resulting from outdoor use and for any/all cleaning charges in order to return equipment to      the same  condition as when it left AVRís office.

            (b) Equipment shall be used in a covered environment, shielded from moisture in the event of precipitation

(B) Equipment delivered to site: If the installation service offered by AVR is declined, the customer shall be responsible for the set-up, integrating with any non-AVR provided equipment and the operation of the equipment. If the customer encounters technical problems, the equipment will be checked upon return to our facility. If the equipment works, all rental and labor charges shall apply


AVR maintains and services equipment in accordance with manufacturerís specifications and industry practice. AVR does not, however, warrant or guarantee that the equipment being provided is free of defect and malfunction.   Should any equipment malfunction, AVRís liability shall be limited to the pro-rata rental amount of that specific piece of equipment. Please call if clarification is required for the rental cost for a specific piece of equipment.

Customer agrees and acknowledges that AVR assumes no responsibility or liability for any loss, cost, damage or injury to persons or property in connection with this rental as a result of inoperable equipment or otherwise.


ALL equipment and ALL accessories must be returned by the date and time noted on the DELIVERY SHEET to avoid additional charges. Late and/or incomplete returns shall be subject to additional non-discounteddaily rental charges until returned. Accessories are an integral part of the equipment being rented; therefore the non-discounted daily equipment rental chargeshall also apply if any accessory isnot returned. In the event an item is not returned to AVR, non-discounted daily equipment rental charges shall apply until the date the customer authorizes the replacement cost OR ten (10) DAYS from the expiration date of the rental, whichever is first.

Customer shall be responsible for all equipment that is damaged, lost or stolen (whether by use, misuse, accident or neglect). In addition to the amounts due to AVR for the rental contract/agreement, Customer agrees to pay AVR upon demand for all amounts incurred by AVR on account of lost, damaged, and stolen equipment based upon repair cost for repairable equipment or full replacement cost for lost or irreparable equipment. In addition, Customer shall be responsible for the non-discounted daily rental charges until the date the customer authorizes the replacement cost OR ten (10) DAYS from the expiration date of the rental, whichever is first. Replacement/Repair costs shall be considered authorized by the card holder.

By signing this document, the customer agrees that "full replacement cost" shall be defined as the cost for the most recent model of the item(s) that require replacement. If the customer fails to return the equipment and/or accessories to AVR within ten (10) days after the expiration of the rental (as listed on AVRís Delivery Sheet as "Pick-Up Time") and does not provide written authorization for the replacement cost within the same ten (10) days, then AVR shall charge the amount of the full replacement cost plus shipping and tax to the credit card provided for the Rental Contract. Daily rental charges shall apply until payment in full is received for the full replacement value of the item(s). Daily rental charges, if incurred, shall be in addition to the full replacement cost and no part of the rental charges shall be credited to the full replacement cost.


(A) AVR accepts Credit cards and corporate checks. . No personal checks are accepted.A valid credit card must be provided for the rental. The customer shall be responsible for providing correct and complete information and shall be personally liable for additional charges resulting from incorrect or incomplete information.

    (1) In the event a DEBIT Visa/MasterCard is used for payment and funds are not available to pay for late/incomplete returns and/or repair/replacement costs for damaged items, the card holder agrees to be personally liable for any outstanding amounts due. In the event the debit card is in an organizationís name only, the person signing off on the documents of the Rental Contract and this "Rental Terms and Conditions" confirms that they are the person taking financial responsibility for payment and physical responsibility for the equipment and shall be personally liable for any charges incurred but not paid. The card holder (or company representative, if applicable) shall be personally liable for paying all outstanding charges as well as any collection charges and all attorneyís fees associated with collection efforts.  Debit Card holder must be present with valid ID at the time of delivery or customer pick-up.

    (2) If a rental is tax exempt, the customer shall be responsible for providing the acceptable state tax exempt paperwork at the time the signed Rental Contract is returned to AVR. Tax amount(s) shall not be credited after the Rental Contract is received and payment is processed.


Customer forever agrees to indemnify, defend, hold harmless AVR for any and all claims, losses, costs (including reasonable attorney fees and costs), damages and/or injury to property or persons(including death) as a result of the negligent acts, errors or omissions of each party and their respective employees, agents representatives and contractors. Customer also agrees to indemnify, defend and hold AVR harmless against all claims for copyright, patent or other intellectual property infringement including claims for licenses and royalties as a result of AVRís use of any and all, without limitation, customer provided materials, recordings, transmissions, videos, software, hardware, etc. in connection with this rental.


Under no circumstances shall AVR be responsible for any indirect, special or consequential damages (including, but not limited to, loss of profits, interest, earnings or use) whether arising in contract, tort or otherwise in connection with the Rental Contract


Performance under this agreement may be delayed due to unforeseeable and unavoidable delays caused by federal, state or municipal actions, statutes,ordinances or regulations;acts of god, hurricanes, earthquakes, other adverse weather conditions; war or terrorism; strikes or labor disputes; or any other unforeseeable incidents outside of any responsible partyís control which shall make such performance impossible of impractical.


Customer may make changes to equipment and/or services specified in the Rental Contract and the cancellation charges outlined herein shall not apply so long as the overall charges in the revised Rental Contract are greater than the amount agreed upon in the original Rental Contract. If the amount of the revised Rental Contract is less than the original Rental Contract, cancellation charges as set forth in this document shall apply for the specific item(s) and/or service(s) cancelled.


From time to time, additional Rental Contract specific terms may also be included in the Rental Documents. Customer understands and agrees to any additional provisions contained within these Rental Documents.


The card holder shall be considered the "Customer"

AVRís "Rental Contract" shall include any one or combination of the following documents: AVRís "Work Order", "Rental Agreementí, "Delivery Sheet", "Attachment" and "Rental Terms and Conditions".

The Rental Contract shall supersede any and all other agreements, verbal or otherwise.

This Rental Contract shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Virginia.

The individual signing this Rental Contract represents and warrants that they have the proper authority to bind their party to the provisions of this Rental Contract.

Customer shall be responsible for providing appropriate insurance coverage for the equipment rented.

By signing below, I acknowledge reading, understanding and agreeing to the information in this document. I agree that the terms and conditions outlined are acceptable to me and shall apply to any Rental Contract(s) authorized by me.

Signature of the Card Holder: _____________________

Print Name: ___________________________________

Phone Number: __________________Date: _________

Company Name (if applicable):____________________



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